Sugary Foods Damage The Body and the Smile

If sugary foods and drinks are consumed for longer time by us then plaque bacteria use that sugar for producing acids which in turn attacks our teeth enamel which is the hard surface of our tooth. Teeth are also badly affected by many carbonated drinks, diet soda which areacidic in nature. Balanced nutrition diet is very essential for keeping teeth looking healthyand it must be followed by all for a healthy life. Even juices, sweetened coffee or soda affects teeth badly.Teeth are very sensitive to sugar and it affects teeth badly. Sugary drinks and foods contribute a lot to tooth decay and each acid attacks takes around 20 minutes. Once the hard layer of enamel is damaged the sugary foods and hot or cold beverages and other irritants have easy access to the nerves of teeth and thus causes tooth decay and sharp pain. Best Low carb protein powder

The tooth decay creates cavities and these cavities create toothache, sharp pain and teeth becomes sensitive to sweet, cold, hot foods or drinks. The mouth is full of many bacteria and certain harmful oral bacteria feeds on sugars and creates acids. Avoiding extra usage of sugar can improve health and is good for keeping teeth looking healthy. Sugar not only increases fat but also destroys our teeth and causes tooth decay. The bacteria present in our mouth uses sugar as a form of energy and multiply faster and some bacteria turns sugar in a form of glue and it sticks to tooth surface and as a result it hardens its surface and makes difficult to be washed away with our saliva. When we eat food, bacteria become active and work harder to breakdown in which result causes acids to develop. Eating foods richer in carbohydrates and sugars as well as high intake of beverages preferably at night is harmful and causes tooth decay.

Even excessive intake of alcohols and smoking contributes a lot to tooth enamel decay and also there is interference of tobacco products in the formation of saliva which helps in cleaning the teeth. The acid formation increases in higher concentration with the higher intake of sugars which results in tooth abscesses and slowly dissolves the enamel by creating holes or cavities in the teeth. There is a surprising relationship between sugar and tooth decay, as sugar intake activates the bacteria in the production of acid, the more acids produces more is the tooth decay and all this process occurs because of the plaque. Plaque is the sticky glue of bacteria which covers the teeth and gums and grows constantly and each time plaque comes in contact with the sugar and there is acid formation which in turn attacks the teeth for about 20 times. Due to which hole and cavity formation in enamel occurs. If teeth are not brushed properly and regularly then bacteria gathers and multiplies and produces acid which results into sharp pain. So the best self defense of tooth decay is to pay attention to the sugar intake and amount of time teeth are exposed to sugar.