What to Eat After Teeth Whitening

Teeth play very important role in general health and overall nutrition. So it is very important and necessary to take regular dental care for maintenance of healthy teeth. Thus it helps in proper digestion of food. Different types of teeth has various roles in digestion of food and it works together to break down different types of food for digestion. The importance of teeth in our life is as follows:

*For Eating : It helps in grinding the food and easy digestion.

*For Speech: Teeth produce variety of sounds.

*Attractive look: It gives an attractive look to face and overall appearance.

*Self- Confidence: Healthy teeth boost up self- confidence.

Thus healthy teeth play a crucial role in our life and it’s maintenance is important to avoid any serious problems in future. There is nothing specific to do before going for teeth whitening treatment, only brushing teeth is required before going for treatment. In whitening of teeth there is no need of scaling or polishing of teeth prior to teeth whitening. There are many precautions which must be followed after teeth whitening and for it, the Post whitening diet is as follows:

*All dark staining foods must be avoided like red meat, alcoholic drinks, soya sauce, Bolognese and all fruits except bananas.

*The dark staining drinks like coffee, tea, red wine, fruit juice or soft drinks must be avoided.

*Only moderate use of electronic cigarettes can be done and smoking within first 24 hours after teeth whitening treatment will stain the teeth, therefore no smoking is allowed for 24 hours after treatment.

*Avoid mouthwash for 24 hours as well as coloured toothpaste either red or blue must be avoided.

*The Post whitening diet must include plain chicken, plain pasta and white sauces, milk, cereals, chips, fish and white wine.

*White cheese, white rice, white onion, cauliflower and egg whites.

*Bananas, peeled potatoes, crustless white bread and low fat yoghurt.

* Drinks which must be preferred are skimmed milk, white lemonade, soda/ tonic water, clear coconut water excluding milk, sparkling/ still water.

*Clear alcohol mixed with clear mixers like vodka and white, tonic and gin etc.

* White vegetables can be eaten.

*But some white foods must be avoided like white chocolate and white bread.

* Coloured vegetables must be avoided for 24 hours after teeth whitening.

*Dark staining drinks must be avoided strictly for at least 48 hours.

* In snacks one can prefer in this treatment is vanilla or plain yoghurt, white cheese, cottage cheese or vanilla pudding.

* In main course there can be canned chicken, skinless chicken breasted, grilled cheese (mozzarella cheese or white cheddar).

* Berries and Red wine must be avoided.

*Colored lipsticks should be avoided.

* Plain cereals but it should be preferably soft.

* Yoghurt without fruits should be preferred.

* French fries and other foods made from potatoes with its skin removed.

All these precautions must be followed for best results and must follow this post whitening diet in order to prevent staining of teeth.