Can you create a Healthy Pizza?

When most people think of pizza, they imagine a food with a thick paste, fat and full of fat and calories. And while it’s often the case, pizza can be healthy as long as you’re careful to use fresh, natural, nutrient-laden ingredients. By making better choices, it is possible to create a delicious healthy pizza with a great taste while eliminating unwanted calories.

Start with the dough

That’s it, everything starts with the crust if you want to prepare a pizza. The best way to increase the nutritional density of your pizza dough is to exchange the traditional white flour for a whole wheat flour dough. But do not imagine that traditional dough is the only possibility. There are many clever alternatives to replacing a traditional pizza dough. Using his imagination, it is easy to find many other types of bread that could serve as a basis for a pizza.

Regardless of the shape of the bread, just remember to choose wholemeal or wholegrain bread so that it is both nutritiously dense and full of fiber. An interesting alternative is to use common ingredients that are easily found in stores. Whole-grain tortillas could be a good base for a thin-barked pizza, as well as full-bodied muffins making only a hundred calories. Whole grain pita bread could be a perfect pizza for one person and if you want to totally eliminate bread, a huge mushroom could be used.

Send the sauce

If your time is limited and a commercial sauce is your only option, remember to check its sugar content. Many manufacturers add sugar or corn syrup to their sauce to enhance the flavor. It is easy to prepare a homemade sauce that is low in added sugar and salt. Using diced flame-grilled tomatoes with no added salt, and then adding Italian condiments, you can easily prepare a delicious pizza sauce in minutes.

Inventive solutions must also be considered when preparing the sauce. Olive oil is well regarded as a healthy fat and it brings a lot of fragrance when it is lightly applied with a brush on a pizza dough. Pesto is another fantastic option for pizza sauce because this preparation is made with healthy ingredients: olive oil, nuts and fresh basil. Of course, there are many options for making unconventional pizzas, such as hot sauce, tacos sauce or even barbecue as the basis of a special pizza.

Garnish: green and lean

Lean proteins are the best fillings for a healthy pizza. Choose vegetable proteins like tofu  or tempeh if you want a vegetarian pizza. For healthy choices of animal protein, chicken or turkey dice will help maintain a low fat content. Other ingredients in a healthy but unconventional pizza include spicy shrimp, smoked salmon and even eggs.

Once the protein is added, it’s time to switch to green vegetables. Any vegetable, from green vegetables to potatoes to squash, can be used to garnish a pizza. Remember to use vegetables that will also season pizza, such as salted capers, artichokes or olives. If you are looking for a softer taste, it’s easy: bake vegetables first. Potatoes, onions, beets and any other root vegetable can be significantly improved by toasting for a softer, earthier flavor.

Cheese time

If you’re looking for a traditional look for your pizza, choose a fat-free or lightened version of grated cheese, or fresh mozzarella spread on top in slices. However, there are many other possibilities for tasty choices. For a stronger, more robust taste, try goat cheese or feta cheese. It can normally be found in low-fat versions. For those who really like the pronounced tastes, try blue or Parmesan: their very present tastes will not disappoint you.

It’s easy to see that by following these tips, you can make a healthy and delicious pizza to Lose weight without dieting.