So, you’ve planned your office party, all your party booze is ordered, but all too often, companies hold corporate events but they don’t really provide good entertainment or any entertainment for that matter. Instead of doing the same thing over and over again, do something special for your employees and/or customers that attend your next corporate event. Here are a few corporate event entertainment ideas you’ll want to consider.

1. Corporate Comedian– You should hire a corporate comedian, but make sure you use an experienced one. There’s a big difference between a regular comedian and a corporate one, as corporate one’s caster to business audiences and they know where not to cross the line. The reason why you should hire a corporate comedian is that they will have everyone at your event laughing and your employees will unwind as the night goes on and the jokes keep on coming. If your employees work in a high-stress environment, then let them relieve stress by providing them a night full of laughter.

2. Giant Robot Performer– If your corporation deals with anything tech-related or you know people in your company are a fan of technology, then surprise them at the next corporate event by having a giant LED robot to perform. These robots move around and feature hundreds of LED lights of different colours and displays. Everyone at the event will be intrigued by it and they will line up to get a picture with it. The robots can walk around the party, dance, interact or you can just have a few of them placed around the area.

3. DJ And Live Music– Hire a few live bands and a DJ to play music throughout the entire duration of the event. Many corporate events have live music, but they tend to only hire one band or one DJ. You can make things more exciting and upbeat by hiring 3-4 different bands that play different types of music, as well as hire a DJ that can play various types of music. You want to bands that play live music, so consider hiring rock bands, hip-hop artists and a DJ that plays electronica and so forth.

4. Magic Show– If your corporate event is going to have guests of all ages, then you can’t go wrong by having a magic show. There are magicians that specifically cater to the corporate crowd, so hire a magician that has experience performing at corporate events and parties. Magicians will keep the crowd entertained.

If your budget allows, you can also have an illusionist perform. By hiring 2-4 magicians and illusionists, you can have a full lineup of corporate entertainment. Try to find magicians and illusionists that get the crowd involved because this will keep things more interesting. People tend to enjoy magic shows when the entertainers interact with the audience.

The next time you host a corporate event, consider one of the above entertainment ideas. There are many other ideas you can look into, but the above are some of the best ones. Just make sure you book entertainment weeks in advance.